it's 4pm, time for your synthesizer music from Bulgaria

for the record, I am speaking of the band from 1982, not the one from 1997, if anyone really cares to look it up

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what if we kissed while listening to Редкая птица by Группа «Редкая птица»

God bless the discogs recommended feature, I'm currently jamming to soviet funk

just spent like 30 minutes debugging an issue where I didn't align a function on a 2 byte boundary. Why am I doing this to myself again?

current productivity level: programming on one screen while watching IBM commercials on the other

I FINALLY GOT SOMEthing to work that I've been working for a few days now. Apparently it was done yesterday already, if it hadn't been for this one tiny thing:

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I feel like my timeline is too homogeneous since I don't follow too many people… any recommendations?

(I discovered that I can steal other instances' emotes)

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😎 flying bombers over children’s hospitals , happy to see we’re keeping American traditions alive even in these troubling times


if using a mouse is good why isn't there a mouse 2

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